surge analysis

The flow of the fluid in pipeline should be efficient, safety and successfully to be transferred from one end to another end. This is process fluent in oil & gas industries and power industries .

Surge analysis is a fluid flow analysis of pressure changes in pipe work. It is normally under taken to the where fluid compression not accepted and sudden changes in fluid flow pressure due to the flow velocity in the pipe work.

We Petrosteam do design complete simulation for verification of pipeline size , flow and pressure operating conditions and the equipment effects due to the surge pressure. Piping system will be sized properly and providing correct control points and control parametric can be eliminated system bottlenecks.

Surge pressure will be created due to the sudden flow variation in the system. This is created because of valve opening /closing, pump start up/shutdown or interaction in between equipment and pipeline normal and abnormal operation.

This surge analysis making affect the pipeline system such as :

  • Pressure variation in the system
  • Different pipe load condition
  • Unwanted trips and shutdown
  • Pipe movement and vibration
  • Equipment damage
  • Operation of relief valve/bursting disc
  • Pipeline leaks

Our design will be provided to customer’s current pipeline system and future pipeline to safe without failure. So the re-modification after commissioning not required in the pipeline

We are eliminating the surge pressure by using SUNRISE PIPENET. Also below problems are taken care by us

  • Pressure fluctuation and surge related issues
  • Bottle necking problems
  • Poor temperature distributing
  • Equipment performance issues
  • Product quality issues
  • Gas and air blockage issues in liquid pipeline
  • Liquid drop out issues in gas pipeline
  • Equipment sizing issues
  • Badly sized surge suppression equipment

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