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SP3D/S3D is a Smart plant 3D which is used to model the plant in Oil&Gas field. Especially modelling the piping is a main concept. After Completing this software you can able to model equipemnt , piping , pipe support,structure,cable tray,Cabling system,HVAC , instrument , … etc . and not only modelling the piping also you can generate isometric drawing sheet through Isodraft. You can able to generate General arrangement(GA) drawings through Draft module. At the end of the course you will perform all task given in the company. Because our teaching will be practically to our student. Kindly refer the syllabus below which we are going to cover in the course. This course is for next level of Autocad draftsmen who wants to upgrade their knowledge in SP3D/S3D.













  • Opening SP3D
  • Units defining
  • Describe basic setting
  • Defining work space
  • Creating filter


  • Starting the Equipment Application
  • Creating Equipment
  • Creating shapes
  • Creating Nozzles
  • Creating Electrical Components
  • Modifying Equipment
  • Modifying Nozzle Specifications
  • Modifying Electrical Component Selection
  • Modifying shapes
  • Modifying Stretch / Trim a shapes
  • Parameterised Design Template Equipment
  • Working with coordinate
  • Attributes editing
  • Working with pin point


  • Starting the Pipework Application
  • Creating pipeline and run
  • working with piping features
  • Setting a Default Specification
  • Creating a Simple Pipework Sequence
  • Quick Pipe Routing
  • Pipe Routing Handle
  • Pipework Component Bore and Specification Modification
  • Pipe Splitting
  • Checking for Clashes
  • Insert instruments from catalog
  • Insert piping specialty component from library 
  • Adding Components to a Routed pipe
  • Insertion of Reducers at Bore Changes
  • Slope pipe routing
  • Sequences objects


  • Creating Grid system
  • Creating a Simple Structure using grids
  • Creating Straight Sections column and beam
  • Setting the Default Specification for Profiles
  • Creating Sections Explicitly
  • Creating Sections Using Graphical Picking
  • Trimming Connected Section Ends to Correct Geometry
  • Adding and Modifying Simple Bracing
  • Adding Standard Bracing Configurations
  • Adding Panels and Plates
  • Panel cutout
  • Stair Flight Assembly
  • Ladder Assembly
  • Platform Assembly
  • Handrail Assembly


  • Introduction to ISODRAFT
  • Isometric Output Format
  • Setting up a Reference drwing sheet
  • Customising the Drawing Sheet
  • Plotting Complete System Isometrics
  • Plotting to PDF format
  • Plotting to DWG format
  • Plotting to DGN format


  • Drawing the Design
  • Creating a Drawing, a Sheet and a View
  • Adding Elements to 3D View
  • VIEW Frame positioning, View Size, View Centre, View Scale
  • Orientation of View Contents
  • Setting the VIEW
  • Creating Section Planes
  • Plotting and Drawing Output
  • Creating Configurable DXF and DWG Output
  • Linear Dimensions
  • Multi-valued Dimensions
  • Radial Dimensions
  • Angular Dimensions
  • Creating and Manipulating Labels
  • Creating Text


It gives us immense pleasure to know that we have happy customers.

“The course is structured with contents meeting the objectives of the course. Special credit to all the teachers, I left as if they were explaining it on the face. The language was very clear and understandable. I have learned a few techniques that I did not know, though I was using Mendeley for a long time. Thank you for the entire team.”


Structure Designer

“This course was extremely helpful because, as a university student, it helped me understand the proper steps toward citing and documenting my training. And the instructors were very good at presenting their lessons. I highly recommend this course for students, who are unaware or confused of how to document their training.”


Piping Designer

“This is a great overview of the resource or reference collection processes for academic literature review endeavors – be it narrative or systematic. While I highly recommend this course for college students who are about to work on their research requirements, I personally found this course useful beyond that stage in helping me identify best practices to improve my own work. Personally, I thank this course for finally convincing me to routinely use reference management software products – something that I wish I started doing roughly a decade earlier.”



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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it suitable for freshers?

Any Engineering Degree/Diploma/ITI/Higher School completed student or Experienced professional people can learn.

What is the benefit of the online course?

Convenience and flexibility are the most common advantages of online classes. Taking classes online is ideal for someone who wants to continue working. Online classes allow you to fit school into your schedule when it’s convenient for you. Their is no time frame for you. Whenever you get time that time you can learn.

I am studying my schooling or college still shall I take course?

Yes. You can take the course when exam holidays , so it will very useful to your education and future carrier.

I have to pay full payment at the time of admission?

No, you no need to pay unless otherwise you satisfied with our teaching. First attend the two classes and you decide to continue then pay.

I can get job immediately after completing job?

Yes, The jobs are vastly available in USA, Canada, UAE, India …etc. The ability you learn as much you can get job soon.

Shall I take free demo class?

Yes. You can do. Leave your number in the form or you can whatsup message to us.

I am experienced in one particular department but I am
jobless I want to switch my carrier in another department?

Yes, You can. Just take the course and we share the knowledge study material of the particular department. So you you can develop as much as in the field. Then you travel both way whichever you want.

What are the teaching language you use?

English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, … etc