Piping engineering

 Piping engineering activities is a process of making layout, modelling, stress analysis, supporting extracting isometrics, spooling, engineering and erection. The piping designing  is comply with ASME,ANSI codes like 31.1, 31.3

We are dealing with power piping and process piping which involves ferrous, non ferrous material and FRP pipes. We are using piping engineering software like PDMS, SP3D for modelling and detailing which is used by worldwide. We are involving admin level activities in this software also.

We have handled many more projects in this software and awarded successfully. We have given some snap shot of that b

Our responsibility of piping engineering

PID preparation

Plot plan making accordingly PID

Specification sheet making

Modelling/Routing piping as per  FEED layout

Modelling piping is included Off-shore, On-shore and Package type modules

Piping support modelling

MTO Making for initial procurement

Piping line list making

Piping size calculation and thickness  calculation

Piping material selection based on pressure, temperature

Extracting isometric from Model

Piping spooling preparation

Piping conceptual routing and maintaining proper standard as per ASME section I,ANSI B 31.1,31.3.

We supporting piping engineering up to erection


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