3D Modelling

Our 3D Modelling activities

  • Gather information based on Verification of Piping Systems as defined on Piping GA and P&IDs versus Actual systems and installation on the facility.
  • Coordination in develop SP3D,PDMS 3D Model with existing facility & Update / modified facilities information for all Piping Systems as defined on P&IDs.
  • Support Piping Design team in Piping Studies.
  • Verification of Pipe routings & pipe supports at platform facilities.
  • Main Participation  to clarify queries raised during Model review at Design office.
  • Site verification of Existing Facilities for Piping and identified highlighted constraint gaps.
  • Meetings with Various Departments like Maintenance, Safety & Operational group personnel to review and resolve actual challenges in the field.
  • Field deficiencies were observed to incorporate in the report.
  • Preparation of Master deliverable Report, Iso Books.
  • In Site Existing Gaps has been analyzed & comments have been provided for client review.
  • Inter-disciplinary Co-ordination and Squad check.

Prepare Department Final Issue Package & hand over Client.

  • Trained  AVEVA PDMS for modules of Admin,Pargon,Specon,Draft, Piping, Equipment and Structural modeling, .
  • Provide user support in running project using PDMS with generating reports.
  • Able to create catalog for Piping material Specification,
  • Customization and loading of piping material specification.
  • Maintain project backup for 2D and 3D  and able to restore the same as project archival and dump.

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